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Join the 2016-17 Children's Ministry Leadership Cohort

Jared KennedyComment

This Fall, I'll be leading a group of children's ministers in a unique leadership development experience. The coaching cohort includes two in-person ministry retreats and seven conference calls. You'll learn to assimilate and train volunteers, build a child protection policy for your church, engage every child’s learning style, and partner with parents. You'll be developed as a theologically driven, gospel-centered, mission-focused children’s ministry leader. Download more information here, or apply now at this link.

“Jared has served as an incredible ministry coach in my life. He has helped me lay out a specific and detailed action plan for the church I serve in, held me accountable to it, and provided biblically-informed wisdom as I strive to accomplish this plan. However, as important as the church ministry is, Jared has a deep passion and concern for my personal and family life—leading me to set a similar plan for those areas as well.”

Brent Cisson, Family Ministries Pastor, Heritage Fellowship, Medford, OR