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Family Friday Links 8.5.16

Pat AldridgeComment

I've (Pat) had a few weeks off from writing these (thanks guys) so here we go:

Christina Fox wrote a post about parents and prayer. She answers the question of the most frightening prayer you can pray for your kids. "It is hard to ask that God reveal their sin to them, that they see their need for a Savior, that they would be broken over their corruption and truly learn to cling to the gospel." Parents, of the hopes and dreams we have for our kids, this should top the list.

Our friend, Timothy Paul Jones, had a post comparing the Marvel Cinematic Universe with God's metanarrative. He says, "Deep inside, every human being knows that the cosmos is constituted by far more than a naturalistic continuum of randomly-generated causes and effects. The universe is a theater of divine glory, and the story that is being performed in this theater is pregnant with meaning and purpose." With my (Pat) love of comics, I love that TPJ was able to connect these dots for all of us (... and yes, I couldn't let this just slip by without mentioning it).

A new friend of mine, Matthew Hampel, wrote a post encouraging believers, especially men to read. He admits, "I was like you at one point. I did not want to read. Now I will walk away from tv to spend my time in a book. It is something that I really enjoy to do now." This is a good word for all of us, especially pastors.

Marshall Segal had a post on struggles of ministry. He writes about it this way, "That broken mentality is at the bottom of why I might find my ministry for Jesus more exhilarating than Jesus’s ministry to me." This is a struggle anyone involved in any form of ministry can have. He goes on to explain how we can protect ourselves from this.

While we hope you find these as helpful as we have, we'd also like to hear from you on what you've found online and benefited from. Leave us a link in the comment section and we will check it out.