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Family Friday Links 2.12.16

Jeff HutchingsComment

Sharon Miller this week on What's in The Bible Blog shared about the importance of how we teach our kids about Valentine's Days. Sharon writes, "The personal significance of Valentine’s Day changes over the years, and for kids it’s usually quite simple: Valentine’s Day is fun. However, as our kids grow older and Valentine’s Day begins to MEAN something, that significance is accompanied by cultural messages about “love.” As a parent, I want to be a part of that learning process." Share in the comments if there is anything you intentionally do as a parent to talk to your kids about Valentines Day. 

Jack Klumpenhower wrote on his blog speaking to children about movies that may be considered inappropriate. Jack writes, "Those kids don’t just need to see that many videos are bad; they need to see how Jesus is better. In fact, many of those boys may already sense that much of what they watch isn’t wholesome. They might not need you to press that point for long. But to actually turn away from those videos and live for Jesus instead, they’ll surely need to see and adore him." 

Cameron Cole writes at Crossway about, The Most Important Part of Youth Ministry,  Cameron states, " When I consider their exposure to divorce, pornography, drugs, alcohol, death, suicide, and violence, I long for the second coming of Jesus Christ. When I see the world in which these kids live, I begin to say to myself, They’re only children; this is just too much. When I witness the suffering of teenagers, my passion for youth ministry explodes because I want their hearts healed. I want them to have hope. My commitment to youth ministry ignites because I know that news of what Jesus has done through his life, death, and resurrection contains the power to set them free. I know that God can bring them alive through faith in his Son." Great word on the necessity in our our ministries to the next generation! Come quickly Lord Jesus! 

Jeff Reed at Lifeway Kids shared a podcast with Mike Shroyer from the Lifeway Conference. Mike ask the question of how does your children's ministry fit in to the values of your church. How does your ministry impact the families that are attending. 

What are the links you have been reading lately?