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Family Friday Links 3.11.16

Pat AldridgeComment

Here's what we've been reading online lately:

Angela Suh had a post about how to serve with little ones at home. This is a helpful post for those stay at home parents. She says, "Anywhere and at all times, we can pray . . .  and God has so much that He intends to do through the prayers of His saints." Read her post and be encouraged in other areas as well.

Jen Thorn wrote a post on marriage, about the dangers of asking the question, "Who works harder?" She reminders readers, "It is a dangerous road to be on because this kind of comparison within marriage will lead to a whole host of ungodly attitudes." She then goes on to explain those attitudes.

The people over at Q Ideas posted a video of Mark and Jan Foreman on the topic of "Raising Kids that Shift Culture". The video is well worth 20 minutes of your day.

Looking for a good Ester devotional for the family? Look no further than this:  http://amzn.to/1paJRsh .

The good people over at Children Desiring God had a post on children and their need for theology. It reads, "Could it be that, especially for preschoolers, it is crucial that we first focus on giving them a concept of God as revealed in the Old Testament? By introducing them to key truths regarding who God is and what He is like, are we not preparing young children to better understand the significance of what it means that Jesus is God?" This is well worth considering.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section and we will check it out.