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D6 General Session #5 - Best Things Heard

Pat AldridgeComment

This session was multiple speakers; shorter, rapid fire style.

Megan Marshman

How is your soul?

Ministry happens on the way through, so don't miss out on His plans while you're working on yours.

Your past can either be satan's greatest tool against you, or God's greatest weapon for expanding His kingdom.

Terry Williams

When thinking through making disciples, start with the why, it's the core, then develop the process.

Information + formation = transformation. (Galatians 4:19)

Learn to journey with your kids through their questions.

Jeff Wallace

Develop in your kids the heart of a champion. Use Matthew 5 - 7 as your guide.

We teach what we know, we reproduce what we are.

We need to live with intentionality because souls are at stake.

Josh Mulvihill

God designed grand parenting.

If you're going to spoil your grandkids, spoil them with the gospel.

Grand parents, don't be afraid to do devotions with your grandkids ... of any age.

Parenting Panel

Just like God relentlessly pursues our hearts, we should relentlessly pursue our kids' hearts.

Engaging conflict with kids: Clear boundaries, clear expectations, clear consequence can make you less reactive!

As a parent you need a tribe. You can't go it alone.