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Family Friday Links 11.28.14

Pat AldridgeComment

Here's your weekly dose of what we've found helpful from around the web:

Jen Thorn (wife of Joe Thorn, from Redeemer Fellowship) had a post on killing anger. On the topic of anger she wrote simply, "It ruins everything." Parents (and maybe a few pastor too) we need to demonstrate a better way to our kids.

Desiring God has a new resource asking the question of moms, "Are you mom enough?" If your a mom struggling with being a mom this might be right up your alley.

Connected Families had a post on boys obsession with video games. The post points to this as a contributing factor, "... computer game allow people to do things that feel as significant or important as things they with they could do in real life but don'e see any of doing." The post goes on to list some common parenting mistakes as well as better alternatives. If your son is like mine (Pat) then this post offers practical suggestions.

Art Rainer had a great post on leading kids well. While leading organizations is important, "... it is nothing compared to satisfaction received from spending time with my kids and demonstrating my love for them" Rainer writes. Dads pay special attention to this one.

Our friend, Timothy Paul Jones has a post on Advent and its relationship to waiting. He writes, "Advent reminds me that time is far to precious to be killed, even when that time is spent waiting." As Advent approaches, this is a helpful reminder for parents ... and kids.

Jared found this older post on how to reward volunteers with with they really want. It reads, "Naturally, leaders of volunteers want to express their gratitude for the contributions of their volunteers and want to encourage them to continue their efforts." This post goes on to explain what your volunteers really want and how to give it to them. Pastors read this, it will benefit you and your ministry.

Jared also found this post on busyness and parenting. It reads, "But should view these transitions as busy seasons as enemies stealing something from us or as strategic opportunities God is providing us as Christian parents?" Parenting is a blessing, that comes with challenges, mostly due to our perceptions. Parents, read this. It will change your perspective on parenting.

What are you reading online? What are you finding helpful and encouraging? Leave a comment with a link for us to check out!