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6 Questions to Keep You Centered on the Gospel

Pat AldridgeComment

So, you've found yourself in a teaching position with children or youth at your church. Want to make sure that you and your teaching stay gospel centered? Here are 6 questions you should be asking.

  1. Have you prepared to teach? The answer to this question will set the tone for your teaching. The lesson needs to be prayerfully considered. Preparation needs to start early. It needs to be reviewed often. If all you want to accomplish is to convey information, then by all means, leave your prep until the night before. Without being prepared to teach, real gospel change rarely (and by that I mean never) happens.
  2. How has your prep changed you? As you are preparing to teach, how is it effecting you? What are you learning? What do you need to do? If it isn't changing you, it won't change the ones you teach.
  3. Does what you've prepped point to Jesus? Whether you are writing your own curriculum or using one, does your lesson point to Jesus? If not then at best it's just biblical information. At worst it's moralistic and the only thing your teaching will produce is little Pharisees.
  4. Is what you are about to teach applicable? The lesson needs to have a point of application. Without application the lesson you teach has no hope of transforming your hearers.
  5. How are you tying what you are teaching to God's one, big, redemptive story? If your lesson doesn't tie into the grand narrative of Scripture, it will have the unintended result of making God look small and situational. How does this tie into the last week’s lesson and next week’s lesson? Our prep needs to consider this.
  6. Is your application aimed at the heart? This question is the most important. If we aren't aiming at a changed heart, we have failed to do what God has called us to do. It comes down to head knowledge vs. heart transformation.

The bottom line is the better we prepare to teach and aim our lessons at practical application, the better chance our students will receive our message. I pray the Holy Spirit uses these questions to give the seeds you are sowing better ground for heart transformation.

Are there other questions that you’d add to this list? What questions do you ask yourself when you are preparing Bible lessons?